Nalle by Neil dans l'Alchimiste


Magnus Midtbø - Jungle Speed 8c+

Magnus Midtbø - Jungle Speed from MadSkillz Media on Vimeo.

Magnus Midtbø crushes the short and powerful Jungle Speed in Siurana this february (2015).
The intro comments are made by Martin Mobråten who was the first Norwegian to climb the route a few weeks earlier.
The video is from the actual ascent but a few clips are taken from another attempt as I had to change positions.
Camera is as always the Canon 5D Mark II and the lenses used are the 70-200 f2.8 IS II and the 16-35 f2.8 II.
The top part unfortunately got a bit out of focus, the subtitles are not perfect, could not decide on the music, got tired of looking and then just went with this, like it or not, it's free :)
Henning Wang


Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway

Et oui y'en a qui ont des bras et des congés !!!

Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway Part II from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.


Bleau autrement par Neil

First few days with the inspire from neil hart on Vimeo.

Most people have done first flight videos with this amazing new machine, I thought I would do first few days with it,

The flying is amazing, there are no post stabalizing on this video, the craft is so smooth, One thing I did play with was the camera settings just to see what cababilities it has, with and without filters, you will see the difference on certain shots, Personaly, I think the best image comes out of the 1080p setting and not the 4k mode, Whatever you do, do not use vivid profile in 4k around trees its horrible, you will see in this video,

But as for a drone, its amazing, set up in seconds and in the air just as fast, I did change the gains to make it smoother and more responsive, ( but please do not do this unless you know what you are doing )

I have to see im still chicken to use the auto take of and land, but who needs it anyway, its a dodle to fly, enjoy

For a good all round all shot machine you cant go wrong, but I will still use my S900 for those great shots needed


IFSC Worldchampionship Bouldern Munich 2014 Final Highlights

Quick´n´Dirty Edit of the Finals round from saturday 23/8/2014 at Munich Olympiastadium - IFSC Worldchampionship Bouldern Munich 2014

Filmed by Udini, Antigravityphysio & Beta Routesetting.


Slow Moments - World cup

June 7th, 2014 the Bouldering World Cup made it to Vail, Colorado. The GoPro Mountain Games provided a high alpine venue for the worlds best boulderers to show off their skills. Louder Than Eleven was on hand to capture some rare slow motion moments. Please enjoy high end competition rock climbing at 240 frames per second.

Video and Edit - Jon Glassberg


Europe Trip 2014 - Jimmy Webb

So this is just part 1 of a 3 part series highlighting my trip spent in Europe this spring. Nothing special really. Just tons of climbing. Climbers include: Kasia Pietras, Arjan De Kock, and Jimmy Webb. Enjoy!


Fontainebleau - Iker Arroitajauregi

J'ai eu la chance de partager l'intro de cette vidéo avec Iker mi-Avril lors de mon dernier trip à Bleau, voici enfin la vidéo complète de ce grimpeur aussi discret qu'incroyablement fort.

Vous avez la possibilité de faire un don à Iker pour cette vidéo en allant directement sur "Vimeo".

Si te ha gustado el video, hay una opcion para darme una propina... para poder seguir escalando y editando videos, gracias!

- Il Était une Fois Bleau 8a
- Realist 8a
- Karma 8a+
- Bleu Sacré 8a+/b
- La Théorie des Jeux 8b
- Le Tajine 8b
- Mustur 8a+ F.A.
- L´Arete de Boissy assis 8b+
- Le Surplomb de la Mée assis 8b+
- Jour de Chasse 8c


Bloc Pfalz

Quelques blocs pas très loin de la Moselle puisque dans le Pfalz :

check out

Ein fetter Tag in der Pfalz mit Gregor und Alex

Pimp Legionär 8A
Lord Nelson 7C

Für die dies genau wissen wollen. Checkt


Bloc en Galice

You can buy the full 71-minute film here:

Mens is one of the most accessible areas in Galicia. Perfect rock quality and awesome lines, all surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Join Angus, as he reminisces about the early days of bouldering in Galicia and his first encounter with Ben de Corme.


Spectre V14

Carlo Traversi makes an ascent of Spectre V14 in Bishop, CA. Filmed by Mary Mecklenburg. Special Thanks to adidas Outdoor, Five Ten, Revolution Climbing, and Skratch Labs.


Trèves 2013

This is a video about the 21st edition of the legendary Ex-Haus Cup in Trier / Germany (23rd November 2013). As Christoph Gabrysch (german climber, trainer and competition climber) wrote in an article on his blog ( The Ex-Cup is known for its really hard and badass boulderproblems and thus you could hear more than one time the slogan of the evening "Presents are for Christmas" from the grinning routesetters. ... The Ex-Haus is the birthplace of the german bouldercups. This year's slogan: Horror in the Attic ... Spooky boulders since 1992 ! Enjoy ...


Sisu Masters 2013

Sisu Masters 2013 is the biggest climbing event ever in Finland. Meet the competitors and get a sneek peak at the venue!


Nalle - La force tranquille V15

Nalle Hukkataival making the first repeat of Daniel Woods' La Force Tranquille V15 in Magic Wood, Switzerland.


Alizee Dufraisse in Siurana Spain

French Phenom Alizee Dufraisse climbs with intense passion and loves the physical and mental challenge of climbing at her limit. In Siurana Spain, she lives her dream, with a handful of very hard projects on her 'tick list'. In her words, "A fight is what makes your life".
Learn more about Alizee at


Boulderholics Trips

Zusammenschnitt quer durch die Zeit und Europa von verschiedenen Boulderholics-Trips


Deutsche qualitat

Here's a short trailer of a very special bonus on the dvd that comes with the Gimme Kraft! book in autumn 2013: Unseen video footage of Wolfgang Güllich's training that his Professor Weineck recorded, one of the world's leading experts for training. Mr. Weineck gave us an insight in Güllich's training attitude and opened his video archive for us. The entire interview will be part of Gimme Kraft! Your next training bible for power training for climbing with: Sasha DiGiulian, Fred Nicole, Mélissa le Nevé, Babsi Zangerl, Alexander Megos, Stefan Glowacz, Johanna Ernst, Guntram Jörg and Bernd Zangerl.
Authors: Patrick Matros & Dicki Korb
Production: Hannes Huch | Café Kraft


Out of Sight

A Film by Neil Hart.

Fontainebleau is one of the most popular climbing destination on the planet, with thousands of boulders spread over hundreds of areas. From he classic areas of the Franchard and Cuvier to the less know areas of Buthiers and JA Martin.

​Come follow a group of the worlds best climbers as they explore the most hidden beautiful boulders of this enchanted forest. They will take you on a journey to parts of the forest you have never heard off and boulders you have never seen, Not only that but boulders just of the paths in the main areas that are so beautiful but seldom climbed.

​Produced and directed by Neil Hart.

Location, Hidden Fontainebleau.

Climbers, Nalle Hukkataival, Chris Schulte, Nico Favresse, Jacky Godoffe, Jo Montchaussé, Simon (kook) Newstead, Olivier Lebreton, Daniel Olausson, Barnaby Ventham, Glairon Mondet Guillaume.



Otoño en Albarracín

A short film about our bouldering trip to Albarracín, Spain in October 2012. This is just a small selection of some of the amazing problems we tried during the week we spent in this amazing and beautiful location. Including: 'Techo Del Pepo' (7A), 'Minivarano' (6A), 'Txanquito' (6C), 'Spider Pig' (6C) and many more!

Filmed by:
Ben Grubb
Ben Sales
Snooky Grubb
Ceri Lewis

Edited by:
Ben Grubb
Ben Sales

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

27” Apple iMac

Adobe Premiere CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6

Alt-J - 'Intro'
Miike Snow - 'Paddling Out'
Alice Russell - 'Humankind'
Sporto Kantès - 'Whistle'
Brad Sucks - 'Making Me Nervous'
Gramatik - 'Hit That Jive'

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Pena Corneira

Otro videorecicling de bloques clásicos aprovechando la improvisada reunión con motivo de la presentación de la guía de boulder.Minucioso trabajo a cargo de César álvarez.Info para conseguirla:
P.D-que bien lo pasamos!!!!

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