The Master Of Moves : Jacky Godoffe

BDTV Episode 6: The Master Of Moves from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

In the forests of Fontainebleau, the boulders hold some of the most astounding shapes in the world, inspiration to artists and climbers alike. World Cup route setter Jacky Godoffe has been climbing there for decades, and his routes are drawn from the motion of Font. For Jacky, this expression, and sharing it with others, is his happiness.

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BDTV Episode Six.

Abyss - North America's Highest Bouldering - 2012


La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

The 6th edition of La Sportiva Legends Only

Line up :
Jongwon Chon, KOR, 4th IFSC WC 2016
Rustam Gelmanov, RUS, 5th IFSC WC 2016
Kokoro Fujii, JAP, 2nd IFSC WC 2016
Alexander Megos, GER, 2nd La Sportiva Legends Only 2014
Jimmy Webb, USA 1st La Sportiva Legends Only 2013

Special guest :
Jerry Moffatt, Legend.

Championnats du Monde 2016

Les coulisses des Championnats du Monde 2016 avec Mika et Nico en guests et en duo!

Daniel Woods Climbs V16 : The process

Here is an edit I did for rock climbing filmmaker Josh Lowell.


‘New Beginnings’ - Rocklands, South Africa 2016

'New Beginnings' - Rocklands, South Africa 2016 from Derw Fineron on Vimeo.

Psyched to share with you all my first bouldering video from our time out in Rocklands, South Africa. This was one of the best periods in my life with amazing climbing and people! Hope to see the same faces next year! Blog post to follow.

Climbers in order of appearance: Derw Fineron, Hannah Smith, Chris Smallwood and Harrison Buchanan.

Vok - 'Waterfall'
Vok - 'Waiting'
Vok - 'Before'
Kidwaste - 'Underwater'


Nos voisins Luxembourgeois à Bleau

This is part 2 of "Lifestyle FONTAINEBLEAU". This video is about bouldering in Fontainebleau and the lifestyle climbers lead when they hang around in their favorite forest to solve boulder problems. The boulders were filmed from November 2014 to July 2016 together with, Yves Schartz, Pierre Goerens, Olivier Groff, Eric Dimmer, Ewa Kowoll and Nicole Schartz. ... Don't miss the outtakes after the credits :) Enjoy!


Hueco Rock Rodeo - 2016

23rd HRR results :

Women's Open
1) Alex Puccio - 6510 pts.
2) Jule Wurm - 5005 pts.
3) Akiyo Noguchi - 3160 pts.

Men's Open
1) Jakob Schubert - 7710 pts.
2) Jan Hojer - 7290 pts
3) Sam Davis - 6960 pts.

Naissance d'une prise

Laurent Laporte, international route setter and EP shaper tell us about climbing holds shaping...


Catalán Witness the fitness, 8C


Dans la tête d'Alban Levier


Kevin Lopata dans Mécanique Elémentaire

Mécanique élémentaire 8b+ from kevin LOPATA on Vimeo.

Kevin Lopata dans Mécanique élémentaire 8b+ à Fontainebleau


La Fonte

La fonte from Le Fred on Vimeo.

Des connus et d'autres moins, certains hauts...que du joli de mon point de vue:
- Iceberg raccourci assis, 7b+/c
- Le surplomb feuilleté gauche, 7a (manque le début sur la vidéo mais Vito l'a bien torché)
- Deimos, 7a
- Strate eau sphère, 7b+/c (peut-être 7b)
- Chicken skin assis, 7a/6c (7a je pense, du cinq star!)
- Ok corral, 7a
- La barre fixe, 7b+
- La coulée verte, 7a
- Psychotrope, 7a/+
- Célinette, 7a (Ju l'a torché aussi, désolé gars pas assez de lumière ce coup-ci)
- Toiles de maîtres, 7a+ (comme son nom l'indique)
- Le royaume des saucisses, 7b/+
- Sérénité, 7b (après avoir flashé son voisin de droite, mais plus de batterie pour filmer)


Livin' large

Livin' large from Sam T on Vimeo.

Jimmy Webb gets the second ascent


Slow Moments - 2015 - Bouldering World Cup

Slow Moments - 2015 GoPro Mountain Games - Bouldering World Cup from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

June 6th, 2015 the Bouldering World Cup made it's way to Vail, Colorado. The GoPro Mountain Games provided a high alpine venue for the worlds best boulderers to show off their skills. Louder Than Eleven was on hand to capture some rare slow motion moments that are easily overlooked. Please enjoy our interpretation of high end competition rock climbing in the 2015 edition of Slow Moments.


Les quatre saisons à Bleau

2 ans de bloc à Bleau avec Seb frigault et Mounir Farhat, membres de la Team S'cape de Fontainebleau
des instants capturés au plus près des grimpeurs, de la joie, de la rage, du rire ...
des ouvertures
des répétitions
des blocs faciles, des durs mais surtout hors des sentiers battus

Si vous utilisez la magnésie, faites comme nous, nettoyez vos traits, les prises et nettoyez à l'eau en quittant votre bloc !
Grimpez les pieds propres, on n'est pas en salle !!

Prochaine saison à venir ...


Nalle by Neil dans l'Alchimiste


Magnus Midtbø - Jungle Speed 8c+

Magnus Midtbø - Jungle Speed from MadSkillz Media on Vimeo.

Magnus Midtbø crushes the short and powerful Jungle Speed in Siurana this february (2015).
The intro comments are made by Martin Mobråten who was the first Norwegian to climb the route a few weeks earlier.
The video is from the actual ascent but a few clips are taken from another attempt as I had to change positions.
Camera is as always the Canon 5D Mark II and the lenses used are the 70-200 f2.8 IS II and the 16-35 f2.8 II.
The top part unfortunately got a bit out of focus, the subtitles are not perfect, could not decide on the music, got tired of looking and then just went with this, like it or not, it's free :)
Henning Wang


Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway

Et oui y'en a qui ont des bras et des congés !!!

Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway Part II from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.


Bleau autrement par Neil

First few days with the inspire from neil hart on Vimeo.

Most people have done first flight videos with this amazing new machine, I thought I would do first few days with it,

The flying is amazing, there are no post stabalizing on this video, the craft is so smooth, One thing I did play with was the camera settings just to see what cababilities it has, with and without filters, you will see the difference on certain shots, Personaly, I think the best image comes out of the 1080p setting and not the 4k mode, Whatever you do, do not use vivid profile in 4k around trees its horrible, you will see in this video,

But as for a drone, its amazing, set up in seconds and in the air just as fast, I did change the gains to make it smoother and more responsive, ( but please do not do this unless you know what you are doing )

I have to see im still chicken to use the auto take of and land, but who needs it anyway, its a dodle to fly, enjoy

For a good all round all shot machine you cant go wrong, but I will still use my S900 for those great shots needed